Conspiracy Theorists

I figured I’d start out my first *real* blog post with something that has bothered me for quite some time, but has garnered an even deeper level of disbelief following the American vengeance mission against Osama bin Laden.  For the past decade, the United States has spent trillions of dollars fighting the terrorism that ensued on September 11th. While the ethics of the actions of the US can be debated, the final triumph of killing the mastermind behind the plot has become, in a matter of days, one of the greatest symbols of triumph that modern day Americans and Canadians alike can be proud of.

Nevertheless, with any important political action, there are doubters. Within a matter of days, conspiracy theories have sprung up around the nation from apparently no just reasoning.  Some have called into question whether the ‘victory’ really did occur. Some people truly believe that the mission was a hoax thrown by the government to justify the amount of money they have spent on involvement in the Middle East. Whatever the case, these statements are just not right.

I’ve never been one to step in and defend a government’s actions, nor do I agree with everything a government does. In some cases, it is indeed appropriate to call into question a government’s actions and/or statements. But conspiracy theorists will find a way to pin everything as a hoax put on by the government. Here are some recent examples, in case you weren’t aware:

– The 1969 moon landings were fake: after 4 decades and countless evidence, there are still people who just can’t accept that it happened.

– The 9/11 attacks were actually put on by the US: really? Someone, enlighten me as to why the US government would intentionally lose trillions of dollars in damages, terrorize their people, and destroy their most important bulidings. Really.

– Barack Obama’s birth: we all know that this conspiracy theory has been put to rest now. Or has it?

And now, the killing of bin Laden.

Randall Munroe, beloved writer of webcomics, said it best: “Conspiracy theories represent a known glitch in human reasoning.”

On occasions such as these, I wonder why such people bother to live in the US if they think it’s such a corrupt place. It is my own personal opinion that maybe, just maybe, we should stop worrying and complaining so much and kick back with a beer and some Mario Kart.


~ by Jon Martin on May 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists”

  1. Where is the like button when you need it 😛

  2. Perhaps you might like this link: -> I found it quite amusing. The theory that NASA faked the Moon landings are also in here.

    Personally I find the conspiracy that Osama bin Laden is not dead a VERY stupid theory. I honestly doubt the American government would take a chance and lie about Osama being dead. What do you think?

    • Nice link haha, those are pretty ridiculous I will agree. Every now and then conspiracy theories are true, but 95 percent of the time they’re just a mix of little factoids that are poorly put together and interpreted.

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